Patient Testimonials

Take a moment and read what our patient’s have to say about us…

Dear Dr. Rodich (Ted) and staff, 

There are no words to convey the level of my gratitude for your extraordinary care of me as a patient, person and friend. You (collectively) are all aware of my dental history. You know that I suffer from high levels of anxiety in regards to any dental treatment, a kin to PTSD. The extra care, empathy, humor and professionalism have been above and beyond the call of duty! I also, and foremost appreciate your integrity. I will enthusiastically refer your office and services to anyone who will listen. Many blessings to you all! (and hugs!) Sincerely, Julie

Patient, Julie M.

Angie’s List Review: I was impressed from the time I walked into the office. The staff was pleasant, and Dr. Rodich inspired confidence from the very beginning. After having been to other oral surgeons, I was appreciative of the fact that they gave me prescriptions on my initial visit, so that unlike other oral surgeons, I could get the prescription filled before the procedure, and not have to pick up medication while my child waited in the car spitting blood into a cup; like a previous experience. I had the medication all ready to go when we got home. The staff was extremely professional, and thought of every need. They wheeled him out to the car, and sent him home with an ice pack, to begin the icing process, followed by a phone call later in the afternoon to check up on his progress. I cannot begin to describe how superior this experience was to every other oral surgeon I have been to. I would recommend him to any and all.

Karen, H

Excelent from start to finish. Dr. Rodich is simply outstanding. Great staff and comfortable office make it nice but he knows what he is doing and does it the best I have experienced. I know because I have had several implants from two other doctors, they do not come close to Dr. Rodich ability and personality.

Jim, C

I found this practice on Angie’s List and was impressed with the positive reviews by others. So we contacted them, went to an introductory session (free), and then decided to use them. Our experience lived up to the positive reviews I had read. They walked us thoroughly through the procedure, its risks, and its benefits a week beforehand. At that time, they also gave us the prescriptions my son would need so that we could get them filled prior to surgery. They made him feel comfortable about the idea of surgery, which was important because that was a new concept to him. They also walked us through the insurance process and what our out-of-pocket cost would be (which was accurate and did not go up as time went on). On the day of surgery, that process went very smoothly. Despite the general anesthesia which knocked him out cold, he was close to normal 6 hours later. And 12 hours later, he was back to his usual self and daily routine (which means video games until 3 AM). Of course, it was a couple of days before he ate his usual diet again. 

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was that they wanted my social security number if I wasn’t going to pay in full on the day of surgery. I decided to pay in full, as I don’t trust any medical practice to safe-guard my SSN. They told me to expect insurance reimbursement (for the portion covered by insurance) within 4 to 6 weeks, and it actually arrived earlier. So they handle the paperwork very efficiently; I did not have any hassles on that front at all. 

This was an outstanding experience. My son actually thanked me a few days later for finding out about this practice. So I guess I have to thank the earlier reviewers on Angie’s List, as I otherwise would not have run across this practice.

John, P

I am a 56 year old woman who has had the misfortune of severe health problems the last 10 years. Due to the high amount of medications, my teeth were decaying and falling out rapidly. Dr Rodich removed the approximate 20 teeth I had left, many of which were broken off at the base. He then had to file off the uneven jaw done in order to have a smooth gum surface after healing. Sutures were put in after the work was completed. After first being rejected as a patient referred to (he said I was ‘too high risk’) we found Dr Rodich. At my first appointment a consultation, he was amazing, he made me feel like there was hope this could be done. I’ve seen literally dozens of doctors the past 10 years and I have never had such a wonderful doctor, patient experience. He was so reassuring we scheduled my surgery as soon as possible. On the morning of surgery everything went off without a hitch. Both Dr Rodich and his staff were utmost professional, helpful, courteous; both before and afterwards.

Lisa, S

Dr Rodich & Staff, 

I just have to say having my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Rodich and his fantastic staff was the best dental experience I have ever had. I was warned about ‘how awful’ getting my wisdom teeth pulled at my age was going to be. That certainly was not the case. I walked in; sat down in the surgery room and the next thing I knew I was awake and going home. I didn’t use any pain medication and had zero side effects or pain from the surgery. I could have in fact returned to work the next day……actually the same day if I wasn’t for the anesthesia! I just want to say ‘THANKS’ for everything to Dr. Rodich and his amazing staff. 

Very best regards, 
Christina S 

Dr Rodich & Staff, 

Thank you for your patience, compassion, and understanding! Your office does an outstanding job of making the patient feel comfortable. I appreciate all of your efforts to make my procedure as painless as possible. 

Thank you so much!

Jessica B. 

In the last five years I have had extensive dental work, encompassing a broad spectrum of services necessary to maintain my teeth, as well as my smile. Nothing is easy when it comes to losing teeth. I have a new bridge, porcelain veneers, received several extractions and a dental implant. In the last couple of years, I have made several visits to Dr. Rodich’s office to have both extractions and a dental implant. I had a great cosmetic dentist who referred me to Dr. Ted Rodich for oral surgery knowing his excellent skill and reputation as an oral surgeon, and being the best in his field. The reason a cosmetic dentist knows the difference in surgeons, is by the results they see in a patient after a surgery. 

Normally, I am a very high stress patient when it comes to dental work, and can honestly say that my level of stress was minimized by great communication, competence and skill. I received the best of care from Dr. Rodich, and his team from my initial consultation, through oral surgery, to the follow up visit. All of my procedures were without any complications, and the outcome had great results. His reputation and ability made me feel secure, comfortable and confident through the whole process. 

Special thanks to Dr. Rodich! 

Karen R.

Dr Rodich, 

I am the old guy that appeared in your office last Thursday accompanied by my wife of sixty years. I was also accompanied by two teeth that were well beyond their design limits. You so quickly and efficiently dispatched those teeth! In my 86 years I have received occasional and unexpected kindness, and this is clearly one of those times. Thank you so much!

Donn L.