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Platelet Rich FIbrin

Holographic and high-tech tooth surrounded by scientific notations.Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) has revolutionized our oral surgery practice here at Oral Solutions NW, particularly in the realm of tissue regeneration. As oral surgeons, we pride ourselves on utilizing advanced techniques like PRF that set us apart from other dental professionals in the area. If you're seeking cutting-edge periodontal treatment, you've come to the right place.

What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a jelly-like substance with a thick, yellow consistency, derived from our own blood. It represents the second generation of platelet concentration, following Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Historically, PRP was limited to hospitals and hematological laboratories due to high production costs. However, thanks to technological advancements, we can now create PRP and PRF right here in our dental office.

Originally developed in France for use in oral and maxillofacial surgery, PRF is a biological material rich in platelets that activate growth factors. These growth factors stimulate our body's natural healing process by interacting with stem cells. In essence, PRF serves as a powerful tool for bone and periodontal regeneration.


Both PRF and PRP are derived from your blood and separated from most of the plasma through centrifugation. However, PRF is spun at a slower speed, resulting in less distinct separation of blood layers compared to PRP. This allows us to utilize the remaining white cells and stem cells present in the platelet layer, making PRF an even more effective by-product.

PRP, on the other hand, is spun at a higher speed, causing the heavier cells to settle at the bottom of the test tube. As PRF is spun at slower speeds, it contains a higher concentration of platelets and other factors associated with tissue regeneration. Additionally, PRF does not require chemical additives and requires a smaller blood sample than PRP, making it easier to prepare, apply, and more cost-effective.


Once PRF is separated from other components of your blood plasma, it can be used for various procedures. Common applications include socket preservation, sinus lift, periodontal regeneration, guided bone and tissue regeneration, among others, depending on your specific oral health needs.

The platelets within PRF play a significant role in the wound healing process. Applying PRF can greatly enhance healing following these procedures, expediting processes such as bone grafting and gum grafting. Socket preservation, facilitated by PRF, helps maintain healthy bone for future implant treatment, reducing the time between extraction and implant placement while contributing to a more youthful facial appearance.

PRF application does not require an additional appointment, as it is typically performed during the central procedure itself. If you're in need of regenerative treatment, Platelet Rich Fibrin offers a convenient, safe, and effective means to improve your treatment outcomes.


PRF is just one of the many groundbreaking techniques we employ at our state-of-the-art oral surgery practice. To experience our advanced dental care, please call (971) 447-0164 to schedule your appointment today.
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