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What is a Board Certified Oral Surgeon?
West Linn, OR

Dr. Jeffrey Crowley's wall of certificates at Oral Solutions NW.Oral surgeons specialize in surgical procedures which affect not only teeth but the soft tissues of the mouth as well. Many patients in need of oral surgery do not have any idea where to go. In a lot of circumstances, a trauma has occurred, which has knocked out a tooth or cracked a tooth and the need is immediate. If surgery is required, patients should know to look for whether the surgeon has been properly vetted by finding out if they are board-certified or not. At Oral Solutions NW, we can help patients find the appropriate surgeon for their needs.

Licensure vs. Certified

It is important to note the distinction between those surgeons who are certified and those who are merely licensed. Anyone in the dental field is required to have a license in order to practice. It is a minimum requirement for all dental professionals. When someone is board certified surgeon, they have undergone a very rigorous a demanding vetting process to ensure they are competent and safe to treat patients.

What Does Board Certification Require?

When someone is board certified it means they have provided a lengthy portfolio of case studies and have been required to have expert knowledge in a variety of surgical procedures. They also have to take a written exam which has stringent requirements. An oral examination is part of the process as well. Any of these standards not met will make the participant fail the certification process.

The oral component makes applicants demonstrate specific clinical knowledge and skills in a relevant manner. It tests the applicants given knowledge and techniques in applied environments. The oral exam has four different fifty-minute long examination periods in which they are tested and required to demonstrate their abilities. If any single component is not passed, the applicant fails, and they will not meet the certification requirements.

Every ten years, all board-certified applicants have to go through a lengthy recertification process. By gaining recertification, it demonstrates a level of education and training that those who are not certified do not have.

The patient reaps the benefits of those who are certified and those who carry subspecialties they are need of. Providing the patients with greater understanding, knowledge, and skill in providing specialized care at a much higher level than the non-certified professionals can.

Come see us at Oral Solutions NW to learn the details so we can provide you with a list of certified specialists to address whatever issues you might have. We are also able to help with assessments to get you the right treatments you need. We are available by phone as well. You can give us a call anytime at this number (971) 447-0164 to either talk things over or to schedule your appointment where we can evaluate your needs.
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What Is a Board Certified Oral Surgeon | West Linn, OR
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