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Orthognathic Surgery

3D illustration of mandibleYour jaw is just as important to your oral health as your teeth and gums. Problems with your jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can prevent you from properly speaking, chewing, and even yawning. If your symptoms are severe, you may need orthognathic, or corrective jaw surgery. As specialists in the field, we here Oral Solutions NW are uniquely-qualified to perform orthognathic surgeries and get your oral health back on track.

When Is Orthognathic Surgery Necessary?

Orthognathic surgery can be used to correct several skeletal, dental, and muscle irregularities related to the jaw. Corrective jaw surgery is usually reserved for major issues and misalignments after other less-invasive treatments have failed. Ultimately, orthognathic surgery can eliminate painful symptoms and improve your chewing, speaking, and breathing abilities.

During a consultation appointment, we will be able to determine if orthognathic surgery is necessary for your oral health. We may recommend surgical intervention if you have:
•  Trouble swallowing, chewing, and speaking
•  Chronic pain in your jaw or TMJ
•  Headaches and earaches related to your jaw or TMJ
•  Significant wear of your enamel due to bruxism (teeth grinding)
•  Congenital issues that affect jaw movement
•  Injury or trauma that affects jaw movement
•  A severe malocclusion (misaligned bite) that affects your teeth and gums
•  A receding or protruding jaw
•  Severe or life-threatening sleep apnea
•  An unbalanced facial appearance or profile
•  An inability to properly close or open your mouth

Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery

Once we determine that you are a suitable candidate for orthognathic surgery, we can develop your treatment plan. This may include x-rays, pictures, impressions, and 3D imaging technology to determine the proper alignment of your teeth and jaw. These advanced diagnostic tools improve the precision and effectiveness of your surgery.

In many cases, you may need to undergo orthodontic treatment before we move forward with corrective jaw surgery. Most patients wear braces, clear aligners, or some other orthodontic appliance for 12 to 18 months as preparation. After your teeth are in the proper position, we can schedule your procedure.

The Surgical Procedure

During your surgical procedure, Dr. Jeffrey Crowley will move your jaw to the correct position. In most cases, the incisions will be made inside your mouth to eliminate facial scarring. To keep your jaw in the proper position, we may need to place screws, wires, plates, or mesh.

Depending on your situation, your surgery may involve the upper jaw (maxilla), lower jaw (mandibular), or chin. Regardless, we will utilize the latest technology and techniques to provide the safest, most comfortable, and most effective results. Once your surgery is complete, the healing process begins, which usually takes about six weeks.

Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery

Successful orthognathic surgery can result in several benefits, including:
•  A more balanced facial appearance
•  Improved speech patterns
•  Improved function and appearance of your smile
•  Greater self-confidence
•  Superior oral and overall health

Orthognathic surgery is a long-term commitment that may span several years. However, the time spent fixing your jaw can drastically improve your quality of life, from better sleeping and breathing to a more beautiful smile. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of corrective jaw surgery, be sure to ask questions and voice concerns during your consultation.

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